A Proactive Approach to Time Management

Even the most in-depth plan can’t account for every situation. That’s why it’s vital that you continue monitoring your progress, tracking key milestones, and assessing your risks throughout each phase of your development project.

At Zancon, we’ll review your data in-depth, interrogate your program, and adjust where necessary to ensure your project continues running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our time-management expertise ensures you’ll always have the accurate information and insights you need to make the best choices for mitigating risks to your timeline, keeping your project on-time, on-track, and on-budget.

Project Controls Consultancy Services

Our project controls solutions include:

  • Site monitoring and statusing
  • Schedule health checks
  • Critical and near-critical float path analysis
  • 3D site photo recording
  • Interactive dashboard reporting
  • Programme management
  • Resource Demand Analysis
  • Schedule Risk Analysis

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