Garden Island

Project Planning & Scheduling

This 2 stage project is part of Defence's plan to develop and reinvigorate Garden Island. Stage 1 incorporates the demolition of existing cruiser and oiler wharves. New wharves are to be developed with an altered alignment to accomodate for engineering services, the installation of a crane and other wharf fixtures removed during demolition. Stage 2 provides much needed rehabilitation of the existing wharf infrastructure and upgrades the bases electrical and fueling systems.

Zancon were engaged by the Managing Contractor to carry out marine and land side construction planning and prepare a contract and target progamme for phases 1 and 2 of the wharf redevelopment. Our egagement required us to coordinate with key trade subcontractors alongside the contractor to develop detailed programmes factoring in major plant and equipment including barge movements and tidal considerations for delay allowance calculations.

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