City Tattersalls

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Project Planning And Scheduling

The City Tattersalls Club is one of Sydney's most iconic heritage listed buildings. The project involves an upgrade to this iconic circa, 150year old building in the heart of Sydney's CBD and the addition of a mixed-use high-rise hotel, residential, and hospitality tower.

The nature of the site location presented some unique challenges for the construction planning process to overcome. These included, dealing with congested site access constraint area with limited truck movements, narrow materials handling entries as well as the requirements of multiple government authority approvals; all whilst maintaining the required the protection of the building's existing heritage features.

We provided construction planning peer review services involving materials handling and crane-hook analysis, trade-specific program coordination, as well as programming what-if scenario analysis to test the feasibility of different design options. In order to provide our client with a detailed and thorough plan, we also provided an analysis of truck movements, and productivity and provided an inclement weather risk analysis.

With our involvement in the pre-construction planning phases of the project, our client had clarity on the project plan, risk parameters, and suitable project control tools.

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